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Digital Publishing

Pagination produces niche publications and assists first-time and veteran authors, publishers and organisations in all phases of professional editorial, design and book production. We provide digital printing services to authors requiring economical short run publications as well as traditional high volume projects.

While most traditional publishing houses are only interested in authors whose books are likely to sell in large quantities, Pagination specialises in digital book printing, assisting authors self publish 'short run' publications, anywhere from one to a few hundred units.

Authors can easily 'test the waters' and produce a limited quantity to establish the viability of a particular publication. If successful the author can then either produce another limited batch or order a much larger production run with confidence.

To assist authors market their publications, we can create Online Bookshop and website options for the author.

We provide authors with either all, or just some of the following services -

If you have a publishing project that you previously thought was too small, contact us.