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DFS HOLDINGS PTY LTD Bad debtor | Tom Pearce Bad Debtor

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In January 1998, DFS HOLDINGS PTY, via their sales manager Mike Gibbon requested a quotation from us for the design and printing of a corporate brochure.

Mike accepted the quote verbally and we proceeded and presented design proofs which Mike accepted, but said he was waiting for new photographs to arrive from USA.

In early March 1998, Tom Pearce, DFS managing director, informed us that the job was not proceeding.

We subsequently submitted an invoice for $310 to cover the work we had been authorised by Mike Gibbons to conduct.

Tom Pearce refused the pay the account saying Mike was now no longer with the company. However it came to our attention that the brochures were printed [via another supplier] using our design.

We put the matter into the hands of the Prus$ka debt collection agency and recovered $100!!

Tom Pearce
Managing Director
124-129 Brodderick Road, Corio, VIC 3214, (03) 5275 0011 
Croydon VIC 3136, Australia, (03) 9723 8288